Graphics file, width and height...?



Is there a way to determine a graphics file's width and height if only its filename and location are known?
$a = getimagesize('filename');

$a[0] = the width;
$a[1] = the height;

$a[3] = a string - 'width="XX" height="YY"';

$a[2] would return a numeric that referenced the filetype.
thankee pootergeist... I just started with PHP last week. I'm an illustrator, so I wanted to convert my site to PHP. So far it's been a great experience. I put the first version up last night. It's at .

All the thumbnails and image files are in arrays, so my illustrations can be added and removed by just adding or subtracting elements in the arrays - i.e. changing a line of code. WOW! Love it!

Right now I'm pretty much on the receiving end of the PHP info stream, but in a few months, I ought to be able to help some people as well... 8)

Thanks again...
wow.. you really have some nice illustrations. welcome to the world of PHP.
Thanks Redcircle... :D

I'm an old freelance programmer. Did a lot of C programming about 12 years ago, so I'm feeling real comfortable with PHP.