handling gradients in a background image...



I am trying to use a background for my web site that is one, large, vertically-oriented gradient...I want the gradient-background to repeat horizontally when the page is enlarged, but not vertically....AND (as if that wasn't enough), I want the page to revert to a specified background color after the first instance of the background image appears vertically....

Here is a screen shot of my front page, if it helps:


The background-gradient starts at the top with a darker shade of brown (almost a gold color) and ends at the bottom with a lighter shade of brown (a peach color, perhaps)...So as I said before, I want the gradient to repeat horizontally but not vertically...Vertically, after the gradient I would like to continue with the same light brown (peach) color for the rest of the page as you scroll down....

Can this be done?...I'm using style sheets to make the background repeat horizontally, but how do I handle the gradient vertically in the way I want it to appear (as I previously mentioned)? Please help! Thank you... :)

Nevermind, I figured it out...Don't waste your time...

I just specified a background image AND a background color...background color fills in vertically where the background image stops...

thanks for nothing...LOL

u can use css
background: url('/path/to/image');
background-repeat: repeat-x;