Has anyone tried MiracleCommerce here?

Pejone said:
Where is a question?
oh ! i understant ! just a spam....

dont spam here...
i think what post like that need just delete....
Pejone said:
i dont have permisions in this deparment . and as you knwo i am to lazy relogin as super user =)
I'm not lazy.... I'm just not have a time for this too busy.... and i forgot super password :eek:(
What has happened to us? No one can ask a question without being blamed as SPAM.
No I have not, so don't have much to offer there
I did manage to find a few sites that seem to be running MiracleCommerce. One particularyly interesting (ShilJeet dot com) is fully optimized for SEO, which is very kewl. It could be used for a lot of different types of products, from what I read of the product description. One more thing, it is designed for us Web Designers and Web Developers, so we can offer better products and services to our end users. I think, the concept is phenomenal, but that's just me, booble (Luk me up in Google 8O)

Anyway, I suppose the simple question was if anyone has used MiracleCommerce software. I understand it is a ecommerce software. Look it up in Google, 'coz if i post a link, I will also be called a spammer.

I have not used it but I am always intrigued to find new software in a crowded cut-throat market. Don't you find it interesting that there are still some small companies trying to survive in this country without using cheap foreign labor? Hmm... we keep complaining about "how 'dey took my job" yet, instead of supporting indigenous software and companies, we keep buying software and support from Manilla, India or all other countries in the world. Seems to me that we want it both ways :-D

Go America!