Help a total n00b PLEASE!



Hi guys!

I just found this forum and it seems to be a really good one! I'm a 29 y-old guy who is a total n00b when it comes to php/mysql and such! Unfortunately my coding experience is almost none! I work as a doctor so it leaves very little time to actually dig into these issues.

However, since there are a lot of scripts and good tutorials out there, me and a good friend of mine managed to set up a forum for medical topic use some time ago. We used a server with php/mysql on and registered a site. We used phpBB 2 script.

Now this server has got some hostings problems. Our site went down completely. I managed to make a back up of the whole database. Now we do have a new ftp server that will host us.

The problem is that I understand that phpMyadmin is the tool to use when restoring a back up. But I have no clue of how to use it! I downloaded the latest version, and then uploaded it to our server.

Now.. how do I install phpMyamin? Do I need php/mysql on my own computer to run it? I have read some installation topics but none actually speaks of any "installation", they talk about how to change your user/pass/hostname info in a configuration file in phpMyadmin, after uncompressing the downloading phpMyadmin! Do I even need to install??

And how do I actually use that? I mean if I had a server set up on my own computer then that would not be a problem.. but if I am being hosted by a third party ftp server, then I can not use my ftp account to take any kind of action other than that of adding, deleting, uploading and downloading files!! So how on earth do I use phpMyadmin on that server in order to restore my database on it?!

Well as you can see I feel very stupid not to know anything about this but it should be a first time for everyone I guess.. and any help from you guys would be highly appreciate it. The more I read about it the less I actually understand... :(

Thx in advance! :roll:
The easiest way for you to do it would be to copy all the files from your original install to the new space, and just restore the database. You'd then need to adjust the config file for the new parameters.

Or you could install a new version fresh, restore the database and hope it works (which it should do if it was version 2).