help! can't connect to database



I have this set up

c:/mysql with files connections and mysqlcc.cfg
the connections file contains
localhost, root ,123 (password)

i also have
c:/program files/myslqcc/mysqlcc.exe

Running mysqlcc i cannot connect to server.
How can I fix this?
I've never seen MySQLCC before, but it looks like a great little program. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Concerning your problem, I'm not quite sure what it is. When I installed it, I simply entered the hostname, username, and password in the Register Server (New) dialog that came up when the program started, and it connected as soon as I clicked on it. I didn't have to touch any configuration files.

Are you sure that your MySQL server is running? Are you able to connect to MySQL from the console ("mysql -hlocalhost -uroot -p")?
are you sure what password of root is 123? how did you set password?
I'm not sure how I set password to mysql
Originally at msdos level
i got in with
-u root -p

Now at msdos level i get in with
-u root mysql

However i can't connect using mysqlcc or
with apache.

And I cant change passwords at msdoc level
because they are ebncryprted
so mysql show suop in the user table as
something like 499...34f
From other place:
How to Reset a Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten the root user password for MySQL, you can restore it with
the following procedure:

Take down the mysqld server by sending a kill (not kill -9) to the mysqld
server. The pid is stored in a .pid file, which is normally in the MySQL
database directory:
kill `cat /mysql-data-directory/`

You must be either the Unix root user or the same user the server runs as to do
Restart mysqld with the --skip-grant-tables option.
Connect to the mysqld server with mysql -h hostname mysql and change the
password with a GRANT command. See section 4.3.1 GRANT and REVOKE Syntax. You
can also do this with mysqladmin -h hostname -u user password 'new password'
Load the privilege tables with: mysqladmin -h hostname flush-privileges or with
Note that after you started mysqld with --skip-grant-tables, any usage of GRANT
commands will give you an Unknown command error until you have executed FLUSH
but it for Unix
i found solution:
1. restart mysqld with --skip-grant-tables
2. mysqladmin -h host -u user password 'new password'
Thanks for solution. I also discovered I diodnt know mtysqlcc so welkl.
On the adding new server connec5tion screen, there is an Add on the bottom right.
I missed this and thought is was created automatically.
Now solved!
Mysqlcc is excellent.
I cant imagine having such a powerful overview otherwiese.
very good programm i'm use and i'm glad what i use exaclty this programm.....
programm called EMS MySQL Manager :idea: