Help creating an unique users area

Alexej Kubarev

New member
you need to authenticate the user and save his/her id in a session, then check the DB for the information about this user, with this user id (taken from the session) and output it :)

Auth table:

   id(int, auto_increment)   username(text)    password(text, md5 hash)

User info table
   id(int, auto_increment)  user_id(corresponds to the id in the auth table)  some more tables with information
wel.. you authenticate a user and save the user id in the Session.
Then you redirect user to some page that will query the database for the user_specific data and use that user id saved in he session.
the database structure may be as i posted previously.. when you fetch the data from the database, you may output it (print, show, echo, call it what you want) to the user
I think I'll write a tutorial using phpBB's access level system.