[HELP] - Discord JavaScript Error


New member
Greetings, This is Brody and I am a new member on this forum. I need some help here. I am getting a Discord JavaScript error message on my computer yesterday. This is the error message "A JavaScript error occurred in the main process." I have no idea about this error. Could someone please help me to fix it? Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.
After getting the error, I uninstalled Discord and restarted my PC and after that I did not get such type of error. But I guess its a temporary solution. Could anyone suggest if there are any other methods available that might help the issue in a better way, if the problem again happen.
I was searching online if there is any other useful solution that might help to resolve it and came across this guide https://silicophilic.com/a-javascript-error-occurred-in-the-main-process/. I run Discord with administrative privileges. What do you think, if this article might be helpful?
this is not related to the programming at all, if you have a problem with discord then search the help on their forum. We can help you if you want to write some code ex. using discord api, but we do not fix any apps