Help me PHP - List top posts


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You can use SQL's LIMIT keyword for that. Example:
SELECT title, content FROM table ORDER BY date DESC LIMI 5
This will show you the last 5 entries (DESCendent order).

Note: Please use code tags next time!
Now i get your point. So, seems that you're not the most active user of your system right !? :p
So... you can't change that or it would be... fake.

Check MySQL manual for those MySQL functions posted. Also search for MySQL's TOP type of the SELECT keyword.
Don't you have phpmyadmin?
Use that and look for you name in the table "ibf_memebrs" and find the column posts.

But I don't really approve of you changing your post count just because you are the administrator. Think about what your members would think. "He changed his post counts just because he wanted to look like he was first." Isn't it already enough that you have the status as the administrator? Just having the administrator status is good enough. You don't have to change the post count.