Help-Php only displays blank paper & the code itself...



I am just getting started with PHP. I have installed PHP 4.3.4 and Apache 1.3.2 on my win 98. The apache server is running fine and http://localhost/phptest.php (which chontains <? phpinfo() ?> ) is working.

here is my problem... I wrote another simple php code (hello.php)and saved it in my web directory.

here is the "hello.php"

echo "hello world";

I typed on the address bar "http://localhost/hello.php". It is running, but displays just a white blank window.

I wrote another one integrating the php code in html form.

here is the html form
<form method = "post" action = "sendmail.php">
Email: <input name = "email" Type = "text"/> <br/>
Message: <br/>
<textarea name= "message" cols= "60" rows = "20"></textarea><br/>
<input Value = "submit" type= "submit"/>

here is "sendmail.php"

$email = $_REQUEST['email'];
$message = $_REQUEST['message'];

mail( "", "request for information", $message, "From: $email" );

And this one displays the php code itself. So, I was wondering if anybody could help me out!

Thank you for your time
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You've posted this topic in 4 different forums. That's three too many. Posting the same question more than once won't get it answered faster -- in fact, the more times you post it, the more likely it is that nobody will want to answer it. Please stop.
your php not working or working not correctly see Installation part of this forum