Help the poor gesf!


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So here goes guys!

I started my website ( about an year.
The site is 90% OOP based.
The most important parts (code) are done: Authentication, Sessions, Templates, Articles/Comments, Highlight Systems... etc, as well as the Database part.

Plans like: being an open source website (for registered uses - already working at 80%) and a kind of a CMS (for people to download), it was what i did. A self-coded forum and so on (this one i'll make or don't ever call me gesf!).

I have great plans for it... i just get tired when i think of it... like school stuff you know !? :)
What happens, is that i don't have time for it anymore and mainly.... patience! A shame, but... that's the truth!

So i'm here to ask if someone wants to be my partner on it.
I don't want someone to make things for me and also i'm not desperate.
I just want somone to share this little stupid project, to help me with ideas and make me put it out faster.
Anyway... no rush!

I'm not an employer so... i can't pay for that, but in the other hand, the person will have all of my code and stuff. FTP/Database access and so on.
Also i can offer some space with the same supports i have.
I need someone that knows exactly what is doing even teach me... so it will be better and easier.
The chosen one must prove it :D

But like i said... no rush. This wont be a daily and 8 hours job. I know everyone got girlsfriends/boyfriends... their lives.
So... if you're interested... give a reply or... email me.

Note: I'll do my best to try to give a reply to all the received emails!
Count me in.. maybe you can help me on my projects!

It'd be great experience working with another developer which I've never had a chance to do
gesf, I am also open to work with you on your conditions, as I belive that you must have some good project. Also as you mention project is OOP Based. It will be my pleasure to work on project based on OOP
That's not a project, is just my site, however the plans i made for it can make it a little big project :)
Will email you.
I m working as an employee 10 hrs a day otherwise I will participate. :(
Ok best of luck guys and best wishes too. :)
Even thou i almost wrote count me in: i just found out that i have enormous amounts of work to do.... :(
So i think i will have to stay as in a teachers role and as a person to talk to when you stumble upon some problems :D

Anyways: its unfortuantelly all i can do as work and school is almost the only thing i do (i also sleep and eat sometimes)
But like i jsut said: i will stay ina techers role if you wish :)

Damn... certification exam comming up... nooooooo!!!!!
There's no problem Alex!
I just want other people to know my code and how things are done.
I got my bro to help me for example, the problem is that he doesn't know how my site works, what the structure i made for it and how things are done.
This way will be better. If i never saw a result from this website... at least someone else got my code and can do something with it and i just get happy :)

Thank you viralupadhyaya too, if you need something... just let me know ;)
ThanX gesf :) I just want to visit portugal :D just kidding. ThanX
Hey guys! Almost 3 years since i've posted this :)
Just to let you know that's this "project" will not happen. I found myself frustrated by reinventing the wheel and i decided to stop it. I think i'm asking myself now, what project really makes sense this days :)
All the code and even the site still exists but... i'll make all classes/code available in my website for download. Anyways... thanks again you all for the support ;)