HIT Counter In PHP




Can anyone help me out; I am trying to make HIT Counter in my project, I know .NET and ASP in such we can use Application Onstart events so what exactly in PHP for listed issue.

It would be better feeling for me, if some one sends me code sample.
there is no application variable in php, but though you can insert it in a persistant storage like dB or flat files
Thanks for the reply,

Even I have some ideas over it, we can use session and check wether its on or off, and we can store counter in database by setting session variable one to one user basis.

but my confusion is this:

there are so many best sites in php some are so depthy and complex in structure, so how they have managed this important issue, and being very honest we have not quite professional solution.

so can we think more over it?

thanks again for your work......
most of these "complex" softwares are structured in such a way that... they include some configuration on every single page... and that solves it...

this config.. could be anyting, begingin of sessions, initializing dB, intializing constants, etc.