how can I increase the max. acceptable size for a SQL file?



Hello all!

I have a phpbb forum running on an Internet server and I also want to install it locally on my computer, so that I can test an upgrade and make sure everything goes smoothly, before going on with the real thing.

Therefore, I needed to have an apache server installed as a localhost on my computer, which I did. The information about it:

Apache Web Server Version 1.3.29
PHP Script Language Version 4.3.6
MySQL Database Version 4.0.18
Zend Optimizer Version 2.5.1
phpMyAdmin Database Manager Version 2.5.6

Now, I went to the online phpmyadmin and made a full export of the database which I could then upload in my local phpmyadmin. It's quite big, about 162,000 KB. So I know I might need to do an export for each table.

But still, I'm sure I'm going to have a problem, because my local phpmyadmin seems to have a limit established for the size of the SQL files that can be imported, as little as 2,048 KB!! :-o :-o

So the question is: how can I modify this limit on my local phpmyadmin so that I can upload bigger files?

Thanks a lot for your help :help:
you can do the follopwing...

gZip the sql file and then try to use it..

tar -zcvf sqlfile.tar.gz sqlfile.sql