how reliable is php?




5 years ago when i just started to learn php i wanted to build file hosting website, i asked my friend for help don't remember much from that conversation but i remember him saying something like this "php isn't really good" or "it's not best idea to use php because <something saying why its bad doing>"

Right now i have my own file hosting website and it works good i have some issues with file deletion well code is right but 3/100 times code doesn't execute properly and doesn't delete file (something that i have noticed) well my question isn't about this i'm hired as freelancer and i'm doing some big websites which will be used by 100-5000 people it's plain php (backend) and i'm not using any frameworks like laravel. How good is it to use just php for big sites? Like if google or fb used plain php as only language for backend would they function same way?

Initially Facebook was coded in PHP and Javascript for the client-side. However, over the years they have created their own programming languages and introduced other programming languages. So yes a large site can be done solely in PHP, but I would imagine if your company gets big or you starting working for a large corporation then you will probably venture into other programming languages as well.
Using plain PHP for big websites is possible, and many successful websites have been built this way. However, it's important to consider scalability, code organization, performance optimization, and security. While websites like Google and Facebook initially used PHP, they eventually incorporated other languages to meet their specific needs as they grew. In summary, using PHP for big websites is feasible but requires careful considerations and a willingness to explore new technologies.
PHP is a widely used programming language for web development, and its reliability can be attributed to several factors. First, PHP has a long history and a large community of developers, which means that bugs and vulnerabilities are quickly identified and fixed. The language itself has undergone continuous improvement, with regular updates and releases to enhance performance and security. Additionally, PHP has a robust ecosystem of frameworks and libraries that provide tested and proven solutions for common web development tasks. However, like any programming language, the reliability of PHP ultimately depends on how it is used. Adhering to best practices, applying secure coding principles, and regularly updating dependencies are essential for ensuring the reliability of PHP-based applications.