How suited is a php-MySql implementation???



Hi there.

I'm going to start a project at university so thought i'd get some advice before i do.

In the project i am to develop a content management system for the University Biology Lab(don't ask why!). The online implentation is to have high security, as well as other features such as ease of use, reliability and so on.

My question is;

How suited is Php-MySql for this??
I have created a online management system before using php-MySql, but, i did not consider safety as there was no need.

Thanks in advance!
very if you can, just set the server to not allow any remote access to the mysql database then simply validate all uploads and other php scripts and it will be very secure, of course it will probably still be possible to hack by an expert, but that is true of all servers wherever they are if they are connected to the internet.