I am beginner.Just asking a simple question.....



Hello, everybody! I am interesting in php. But i am not sure that the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX can do php or not. Can anybody tell me either Dreamweaver can do php or not?
You mean code in php: yes... even a simple notepad can :) all you need to do is write the code, save it in some file with *.php extention, copy to your php-enabled server: and thats it!
But note that it's really horrible coding in Dreamweaver.
if you usually code PHP module , you need use Zend Studio.
Zend Studio debugging great :)
Dont even talk to me about Zend: its the one i use, but not everyone can afford it...
But yes, Zend Studio is the best... have been using it for a long time :) its really HOT :D
no, maybe all of you are misunderstanding....... Just like this page, how can create this page?Doesn't this page use php code?

maybe i am wrong......don't blame me... i am just the newbie in php.....
oh,oh...... i mean the php page? Can macromedia dreamweaver can do php page?

sorry.....for my mistake!
yes..the whole forum is built in PHP.. learn more about php here: http://www.php.net :D

hehe... i told you already: ANYTHING that can write text and save it as a file: can be used to create a php page... the only thing is that you need to know HOW to write php codes :)
okay, i know already.....but i want to ask u a question:

why i use the dreamweaver mx to write php code, but when i preview it with ie6, the code also shows up?why?

thank u!
simply because you need a server that is configured to run with php: you need to install php on your machine... PHP is a server-side language: it requires a server software: download from http://www.php.net/downloads.php

You will also need a http server: Apache (recommended) or something like IIS (not really recommended and is windows-only).. there are several more, but Apache is the most common one..
emm...u give me the url, i go in and don't know which type of software i have to download...........i want a mysql database,can i download from any site?

thank u!
okej... please go to php installation forum and take a look at Sticky posts there: we have explained EVERYTHING there :) where, how, why, when :)
thank u,mr.admin......i know how to create mysql database and table....

but have problem now....how to make sure my file can preview(i mean how to add it onto the database),and can i see my preview however i dont have any websever?
Hmmz... you need to install apache and php and mysql in order to be able to view your php files via browser..

I think i have already explained that before :)
okay, i know now.......i will come back if i have any question...

thank u!!
sorry,there are too many things about apache.....Here is the link (http://apache.leakage.org/httpd/) can u tell me which part i have to download???

or i have to download from here??(http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi) which one should i choose if i use windows?

thank u!!

Note:Don't tell me to see the article again,I see already.....thank you!!!
Use http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi and download Win32 Binary (MSI Installer): apache_2.0.54-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi
I think i have mentioned it, or atleast most people understand that they should choose the package that contains words "Win32" :) and "Binary" in case they dont want to re-compile everything :)