I Need A Button Shopping Cart Designed



Hi All,

After trying to do this myself for a while I have finally realized I do not know enough PHP to continue.

I will be processing credit card transactions thru Paysystems.com tpp-pro solution. I have the documentation of requirements from them.

I need a cart that will allow me to click an item button that contains all of my product info: itemid, customerid etc. that opens a view cart page that can have additional items added to it and removed (continue shopping or remove item).

I would like from the same cart page to be able to select the shipping option (I have a module provided by USPS that I would like to integrate ) and have shipping and items calculated on that page to a grand total amount. Then on checkout send the information to Paysystems.

Basically what I want to do is what is done for most Pay Pal sites except I want to send the info to a different processor.

I do not need a database with this or any files for storage, the processing company has all that for order info and tracking.

If you would be interested in doing this for me I would like for you to get back to me at dan@topshelfcatering.com and then from there we can discuss by phone Cost and any additional questions you may have. I do have a Pay Pal.
I do not believe paysystems allows the same freedoms paypal does. i.e. you must store products in your store on paysystems site and there is no "on the fly" product creation that paypal allows you to do. I would look into a different processor.