image Redirection



I don't condone those practices and believe it is downright unethical. I know that it may help an advertising campaign but it's blatent invasion of privicy. It's as bad as keeping track when someone uses the bathroom. Or spying on your girlfriend to see if she's talking to her ex.

There is already a function that will request the user to send a recipt.

BUT... everyone has a price.. how much are you willing to pay for the code :)
When you are sending the emails you can ask for a recipt. It will let the user know you have requested one. If they send it or not is up to them.
just place an image in the email, like


if the user reads your email the script will be called then you can do with it whatever you want and return the image :)

how you'll do it is up to you, cuz I agree with what the others have said, it's unethical :)
Within the php page, display the image. Also do a SQL query or insertion into a text file within the page and leave the variable to be defined within the URL as a $_GET variable. Then once they open the email image.php? will sent the information to the database telling you that "$e" email read the messege.

If you use the php mail() function, then you can easily find out the subject of the mail, the time you sent it, the time they sent it, the IP they read it on, the IP you read it on, the language of computer they use, and time of which your server read it, and more...

It all really depends what you want to use, php has a ton of ways to determine things about the user.