Images in [color=#PNG format



:D Hey Everyone!
&#160 &#160 &#160 I am a newbie in php, and i am trying to create images, but since PHP's contract with GIF is expiring this June, the manuals persuade all people to use the PNG format for the pictures. The problem is, that i cant make PHP to understand/save in/read the format. This is what i tried to do to turn it on: I went to php.ini and turned on "extenson=php_gd.dll", restarted the Apache services and tried running the folowing script:
:?: header("Content-type: image/png"); :?:
&#160 &#160 $im = @ImageCreate(320, 200)...........
Compiler gave me an error on line 1, i tried everything i could, but it didnt work, PLEASE HELP!

Thank you in advance!
I would look into Imagemagick. It is much more powerful than gd. Also handles many more imagetypes. check it out