Importing tab delimited files into MySQL



I do not understand the phpMyadmin interface to import data into MySQL.

Please, could anyone tell me step by step what to do ?

I have to import 5 tables. One of them has about 250,000 records, will phpMyAdmin do the job ?

Thank you in advance.
Use a tab or ; deliminated text file to seperate the fields. As long as your max upload file is larger than the text file you are trying to import.

About the largest file that I've imported is 60,000 records but it should handle 250,000 just fine.. it will just take longer.
OK but how should I proceed within PHPmyAdmin to import de comma delimited file ?
you have to create the database and the table. then you click on the sql from the table menu and select text file. It will then ask you some questions about the file that you are importing. Check out the phpmyadmin docs for more info on it.