include another domain...


It can take a little longer for that is processes because php has to get the file from the remote server.

Greetz Daan
It's worth bearing in mind that you'll only get the output, and not the PHP code itself using this method (as it's coming via HTTP).
configure the remote server so it doesn't parse php-files or simply change the extention of the file.

You could also acces the file via ftp with a username or password, allthough this is much slower!

There is no way to get the code from a php file on a webserver wich parses php files.
I'm glad there isn't, otherwise everyone would be able to read my code, AND passwords in the file.

Greetz Daan
I'm glad there isn't a way either. I wanted to know if it was possible to make sure my code would be safe, thats all :)
Well, it's safe unless someone hacks into your machine. PHP is only parsed when called through the HTTP server. Otherwise it's send as the normal file through FTP etc. Someone would have to hack into your machine to get it.