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That's just a security precaution.
It's very useful for shared hosts to prevent other users to access your files. It's also a great idea to prevent people to break your code ($variables) through URL.

if i'm not mistaken that bit of code is from phpBB codes right ?

You'll have to go through all the code to really understand... that...
hi guys, if you need to understand the phpbb code: ask me :D i had to go through it to understand where to make those changes most of you know about :)

and you dont need to go through the whole code :)

its simple :D

you request a page index.php:
define('IN_APP', true);
//Some more code here

and then include some files: if you call thoser files directly you will get a hacking attempt as in_app is not defined :)

My approach would be to store connection information as well as other sensible info in files outside of the document root. Thus it will not be possible to have them served via http. I would also not use .php extensions for them. See, it is quite helpful.

if you have configured your server correctly: it will not be any problem as it will not be possible to see the source of your config file
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