inconsistent behaviours


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I am running an anti-bot service in PHP using strictly Ubuntu 22.04 but encountering inconsistent behavior across different servers. On some servers, the functions that detect the IP address work flawlessly, while on others, these same functions are consistently tricked into returning a proxy IP (e.g., Cloudflare, Akamai, etc.) instead of the real client IP.

I suspect that the discrepancies might be due to several factors and need expert insights to confirm or identify the cause:

  • Server Environment Differences: Could the issue be stemming from using different types of server environments? Some of our setups are on shared servers while others are on dedicated ones.
  • Development vs. Production Settings: The local development on XAMPP with Apache shows no issues, but moving to a production environment on Ubuntu with Nginx could be affecting how headers are handled.
  • Network Configuration: Are there differences in how IP addresses are routed or masked in environments using NAT compared to those possibly behind proxies?
  • Header Processing in Server Config: Perhaps the way Nginx or Apache is configured to handle headers (X-Forwarded-For, X-Real-IP, etc.) varies across servers, affecting the detection logic in PHP.