Installation of PHP 4.3.6 on Apache 2.0.49



Try copying the php4ts.dll to the windows\system and windows\system32 folder
And I fairly assume that when your apache starts it does not show something like
Apache/1.3.27 PHP/4.3.6
on the console window...!
well here a list for a good web dev. box ...

1. install apache http server 1.3.29
2. install mysql [mysql server 4.0.x]
3. install php [4.3.6]

please follow the instructions in "install" file of php and that would be sufficient for installation of this.
Bilal Ahmad said:
well i am new here , and keen to know about PHP , as i read that i have to apache first , and i went to but i dont know watt i do next ????
i have WIn XP here , so please help me out ?
More People forgot about IIS.... Do not forget remove IIS from Your OS... Why? SMTP sucks, FTP may halt youre system, HTTP sucks too, some time then you setting Apache at the 8080 port you still have very big problem with HTTP, cause IIS..... Remove it 8O