installing PEAR got in loop in Windows cmd



I am trying to install PEAR, the php repository. I followed the instructions. Already I have php installed in C:\php7 folder where php.exe resides.
In this screenshot the Windows CMD was looping with these 13 options while giving the option to just press ENTER to accept all, the only way to stop it is by pressing CTRL+C, after which I had the chance to capture what is looping. In the screen there was:

Please, enter the php.exe path
which I did anyway.

As in the last line,
c:\php7\php.exe go-pear.phar
did not work. Everything is in place. I could not find such a thing like : another CLI php.exe requirement in the context of installing PEAR, so I expect php.exe is the one meant for that. c:\php7 was added to the PATH, even though I never needed to do so in the past.

Does anyone have any suggestion to get the installation of PEAR continue in Windows?