installing the GD2 for image functions - HELP




$canvas_width = 75;
$canvas_height = 75;

// create a blank canvas that is 75 by 75
$canvas = imagecreatetruecolor( $canvas_width, $canvas_height);

when i use the function imagecreatetruecolor i get a error saying

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatetruecolor() in C:\wamp\www\fotoweekly\photo_fns.php on line 12

then i found out about the whole gd lib and how it works. So i went into my php.ini file and under the Windows Extensions i uncommented out the dll file


but it still does not work i am running wamp 5 and don't understand what else i need to do. I have downloaded the latest version of gdlib 2.0.35.

if anyone can help i would truly love you as a family member and invite you to dinner.
some times the their is more than one php.ini.
the default one in the php directory and another in the apache directory if its a self installing Apache/MySQL/PHP setup.
check to see if their is one in the apache/bin or apache/conf directorys.
Then edit that one.

Had the same problem myself once before with one of the pre setup WAMPs.