Integrating PHP forms with MYSQL



Hi all,

I have been curious to know what is involved in integrating a PHP file (for example a script that collects user inputted data and submits it to an email address) into a mysql database.

Lets say there is a form called "myform.php", it collects a persons firstname, lastname and telephone number, then, upon pressing submit, it emails it to

Would the new procedure be:

"myform.php" collects the firstname, lastname and telephone number, enters it into a mysql database & its tables (first, last, telephone), then emails it, if the email is lost, I can have a query written that will look for that data in the tables?

Am I on the right path or in the bushes?

Thanks for reading :)
Basically, yes, that's how you'd do it. If you're a newbie to PHP, I recommend working with PHP until you're familiar with the language before you begin tackling databases. If you're comfortable with PHP, I recommend you purchase or borrow a good recent-edition PHP/MySQL book.
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your info.

Can you suggest any books that would be most suitable?

Thank you once again.