Is anyone rewriting propro for PHP 8?



Esteemed Colleagues: (which claims to have been last modified on 2018-04-09) does not build under PHP 8, at least not for me. E.g.:

/tmp/propro-2.1.0/src/php_propro_api.c:682:37: error: 'zend_object_handlers {aka struct _zend_object_handlers}' has no member named 'set'; did you mean 'offset'?
php_property_proxy_object_handlers.set = set_obj;

Is anyone rewriting it? Thank you in advance for any and all replies.

jay at m5 dot chicago dot il dot us
The error you encountered while trying to build the proper extension suggests that it is not compatible with PHP 8. The last modification date of the extension's source code on the PECL website (2018-04-09) indicates that it may not have been updated to support PHP 8.

In situations like this, it's worth checking the PECL website or the official repository of the proper extension to see if there have been any recent updates or alternative versions that are compatible with PHP 8. Additionally, you can search online forums, GitHub repositories, or PHP-related communities to see if anyone has rewritten or forked the extension to make it compatible with PHP 8.

If you don't find any suitable alternatives or updated versions, you may need to consider alternative approaches or solutions to achieve your desired functionality in PHP 8.