is it compulsory?



guys. i had install my php, mysql and apache n i did all the configuration with a tutorial provided by my lecturer.. even it is simple, my systems works n i think it's in good condition. but, i have read a book -php bible, by converse- the installation manual said that i need to copy some .dll files from my php directory to my system directory which is C:\Window. i need to put in the php4ts.dll into c:\WINDOW and copy the C:\PHP\Sapi\php4apache.dll into my apache modules directory. b4 that i had installed my php using the php installer n not from the Zip php binary which has all the dll file which is being recommended to copy. the php installer dun have those dll things except the php4ts.dll. so, is it necessary to put all these .dll file into the C:\window file? or it will works just fine without em?
n.. do i need to add this lines into my htdocs?

LoadModule php4_module modules/php4apache.dll
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml

AddModule mod_php4.c

wat is this command for actually n is it necessary the system to work fine without em? thanx in advance
php installer is only useful if you are trying to use IIS.

you won't get the php dlls with the installer...!

please download the zip package and then use it with apache..
read the install.txt in the php distribution. It is more than sufficient to learn a simple installation...
do i need to do all the installation all over again? or just the php part only?.. or just i might take the files from the zip file and just paste it according to the instructions?
if the apache part is done... you need not do that again..
what youd have to do is move the php4ts.dll to the appropriate folder and check...

and please ensure you've done everything... thats mentioned in the install.txt file , its very easy anyways
cinoz said:
copy the C:\PHP\Sapi\php4apache.dll into my apache modules directoryquote] what for? path to this file you set in apache.conf...
At you place I'm do not doing this......
If you unzip all php files, all what to you need to do return php4apache.dll and configure apache.conf and php.ini. By the way, after configuring php.ini copy this file to the c:\windows directory