Is it possible to allow cookies to pass through an Iframe?


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When linking (or posting via form) to the "wrapped" site to perform the "add to cart" task, use target property as your iframe name, in your a/form tags.

<a href="whatever.php?option=add" target="iframe_name">Add to cart</a>

// Or

<form name="f" action="whatever.php" target="iframe_name">

passing cookies to iframe is done by the browser, you don't have to worry about it.
Check this funda...
  • Set a cookie on page A
  • Same page A can't access the cookie which was just set
  • Take user to page B, If cookies are enabled, and set correctly with path and domain, expiry times ... Page B can access the cookie.
  • So if you add cookie to parent frame, the sub frame won't be able to access the cookie at that request
I don't see any iFrame in your code !?
It seems like a Javascript problem for me.