is my bad style of php code getting apache down?



Hi all..

i know this forum is strictly for php coding - but i think the reason that my apache has gone off twice over the past 3 days is due to the way i have my php code working:-

i am running php scripts for processing some user requests and posting them via http to another french platform on a remote server..

this is how my scripts sends data to this french system.. is there any way where scripts can detect if the http connect is/can be sucessfull...

$fcontents = join ('', file ($url));
$fcontents = trim($fcontents);
echo $fcontents;

this french platform has been behaving irregularly as well - it goes off quite often.. this is how my php applications behave when the french system is down and my scripts try to post data to the jsp web-app (on the french system)::- the php scripts just hang in there "trying" to connect, and i think the instances of my php applications end up accumulating , all of them attempting to make the http connections (trying to do the http post) - could it be because of this that the http server on my side (my apache) goes off?

if the http post cannot be performed (since the remote web-app) is down or not accessible) could my script detect this and maybe queue/log the request for processing later.. is it possible to use the "OR" keyword such that if the data cannot be posted to the remote system then a user define function is called to queue the request etc..

is there anything(Server) serving at the port that u've given ?