Its urgent !! images on the home page



I have created my home page which contains some images, I designed it with dreamweaverMX, I made the images as fixed size, I have worked in 1024*768 screen reslution, but when I tested the page on 6000*800 I found that the images is not approperiate with this reslution. How can I make yhe images size differ depending on the reslution??
There are a number of dumb tricks you could do with JavaScript or PHP, but the real solution is to simply make your images a size which works at all resolutions. It's a matter of trade-offs and is something that web developers just have to deal with.
lemo said:
I tested the page on 6000*800
wow. :???:

i agree to swirlee.
try to create your websites to look optimal with all resolutions. you'll have less problems in future.