[JOB] vBulletin Expert Needed - PHP/MySQL



Location: Your home/office - telecommute

Description: We have a vBulletin 3.0.7 based website that has been heavily modified. We need help upgrading to the latest version of vbulletin, porting our existing mods (or recreating them from vB hacks) and also creating a host of other modifications and additions. Great longterm project potential.

Must be expert in PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache. Must be ready to begin immediately, work quickly report to us every day. If you do good work for us, we will give you more work. We're very serious about accomplishing a lot, and we're looking for a technology partner who can really stay with us for the longterm and develop our system according to our specifications, as well as suggest ways to improve our system. Looking for very professional PHP, vBulletin experts.

Please be located in the USA. We've already done the India and Ukraine thing and it didn't work out.

Send your vBulletin experience to jared@thelunchclub.com

Thank you