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Who here works in a job where they use PHP?

What kinda jobs are most of you working anyway?
I'm a full-time student, but this summer I've worked full-time on the Web Team at Cornell College (the college I attend), helping to redesign their web site. Their new design was, in large part, created by me. PHP doesn't play a large role in the organization of the site (it's still thousands and thousands of plain HTML files -- gah), but there's plenty of PHP in the background handling things like navigation and such. The whole thing needs to be overhauled and redone from the ground up using a decent CMS, but that's a project for a few years down the road. I have to get them to hire me after I graduate, though. :)
I learn't PHP for fun!! believe me, I'm an Engineering graduate in Mechanical and Production field.

But can you Imagine landed with a job in PHP & MySQL
:lol: :D

Thankyou PHP & MySQL
I'm a full-time student, starting University in under a month. Part of my degree is "Internet Management" this includes web design and programming (most likely it'll be PHP there)...

I was using PHP solely as freelance, but a freelance job I found here on PHP-Forum has lead to a Chief Programmer position within a web-based company...!!! And I only work there part-time too! :D

Best Regards,
Andrew Berry aka Bezmond!
bezmond said:
I'm a full-time student, starting University in under a month
Me too.
Is never too late ;)

I started using php (+mysql) for fun one year ago.
I use php, but also in combination with ActionScript, which was the first programming language I learned.

I have fully developed and but I didn't get any money as both are personal projects.
Hopefully if they keep growing I will get money some day. :d
I'm a computer programmer (use various languages including C++, Java, RPGILE...) but on the side I started designing web pages. At first I started using Perl, but then someone suggested I try PHP and see how I liked that. It's great and a lot easier to use for databases. I guess I'll play with it for another year or so and then start on another, been eyeing XML for a while.
tryton said:
I guess I'll play with it for another year or so and then start on another, been eyeing XML for a while.

They say that you should learn one new programming language every year. I've been thinking about taking a look at Ruby or Python. But I'm definitely sticking with PHP for my main web development language.

It should be noted, of course, that XML isn't a programming language, it's a markup language, though some efforts have been made to use it for high-level programming. And anyway, if you know HTML, it's only a very short leap to XML. Of course, XSL and such are different creatures entirely. You could probably spend a whole year just learning XML, XSL, DTD, DOM, XPath, and so on. Perhaps my favorite site for reference when it comes to XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and so on, is W3Schools. Check it out. Their tutorials aren't great, but once you know the basics, their reference sections are fantastic.
I am also student and do internet programming if get some good projects and prefer to be in php ... my summer also doing php and done 3-4 projects (modular)...
only thing we touched on in school which was web related was Perl, which I used for about 5 minutes since the semesters load was immense and the Perl classes covered only the basics, so it just sat there. I picked up a book in February for PHP and then MySQL, and here I am doing projects on my own.
Well what do people think about ASP?? I mean the two (PHP and ASP) are somewhat similar. I was asked a question today whether ASP was more preferable than PHP when designing an eCommerce site. I don't know much about ASP but what's the concensus??
The consensus around here, unsurprisingly, is that PHP is better. You'll find a very different consensus at the ASP forums. PHP's advantages are in speed of development as well as speed of the code, as well as the fact that it's free software in all respects (e.g. free as in speech, free as in beer). Unlike the ASP community, we don't have to wait around with our thumbs up our asses for Microsoft to release patches and updates.
Let not turn this thread into an ASP bashing.

What the hell... go ahead.