Just a simpel question (I think)....



I have just a simpel question I think...

There is a line:

echo("Your mail has been sent.<br><br><a href=\"".$HTTP_REFERER."\">go back.</a>\n");

How can I edit this so when I run this program it
will not result in a link but automatically go
a page back ??


Use this in the head page of your page:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="TIME;url=URL">

where time is the delay in seconds, and URL is the full URL of where you want the user directed!
With this command it results in refreshing the same page
every X time.

I want to automatically direct to another page.
set the URL in the meta-tag to where you want to go after X seconds, the browser will the load that page after X seconds. Just like Jay said....
It's true that if you link to the same page after 5 seconds it will refresh every 5 seconds.

Greetz Daan