let see if anyone can help me :)



can anyone give me an idea what to do for my project on "Operating System" wich i am suppose to finish at the end of this month? i am not doing a project on OS in general.. let sayi have to compare FS of 2 OS, or to do smth memory or process management.. i would like to do smth about linux... dont know do u have any idea? thanks in advance jona
oooopsss i was not logged in ... anyway dont matter ..
come on, no one here has study informatic(computer) or eng. There should be someone who can give me an answer for that
well, i dont know... i still dont have a slight idea what you are trying to do. ofcourse its possible to give an aswer, but whats the question?
i dont feel like being the great computer int he hitchhikers guide to the galaxy :p
the question Mr.Alexej is : Can anyone give me an idea or suggestion wat to do for my project in OS. There should be somebody here that has done a project like this in uni.:p
My project consist in anything about OS... file system of OS, memory,process management, threads ,scheduller.... Let say linux vs others Os... u propably know Reiser4, its kinda difficult for my intellegence:p i want things similiar like Reiser4.. wich are new and interesting? so... ? i am waitting..

PS: by the way where is gesf ?
Well... like i told you before: why not make a comparison of linux vs windows? there should be tons of things that you cat write.

for instance how the memory is utilized and where the heap/stack is placed. as well as how memory is reserved on windows/linux. there are huge differences there. it is also possible to take security and stability discussion as well as some kind of discussion about what type os OS is more suited fo what task.