Log needed



Is there any Class avaialable that can send output to Apache consol ?

I mean if we use echo() statement then the messages inside echo() are displayed on page. I want some echo() like statement that can display messages on Apache Consol.

Thank you very much for the help
:roll: Apache modifies "standard out" sream for PHP script.
So, <? echo smth; ?> will outputs "smth" into the body of HTTP-response.

Where did you see "Apache consol" definition?

Under Unix - Apache is a background daemon named "httpd". Unix has a lot of consoles (Console #1, ..., #4, Telnet #1,..#N, etc). It is no sense to put messages to one of those (if you have rights to do this action).

Under Windows - Apache is a background service. You can Create COM+ component, that outputs messagebox, and use it within PHP.

The best solution is to write messages into log files. Try it.

With best regards,
Serge Bulanov
AlarIT Web developer,
sorry,i do not know

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