Login using Windows Logon



Hi, do any1 have coding to login using a pop-up windows logon that prompt users to enter username and password? Thanks.
That's the same as not using a pop-up window.
The difference is that after a success login you get back to the main window and set the success location page window.opener and self.close() to close the pop-up window.
here is some helping notes:
1- you should create a link or image says login, which opens a new browser small window.
2- in the new small window you should create your form which will accept the entered data, then send it to the parent window, and close.
3- then the primary page should refresh to dispaly hi user instead of the login(link or linked image).
Yeah, I think I know the PHP part.. Thanks alot gescf!!!

I want to users to enter a URL then the it will pop up a window (I think is winlogon.exe in windows) , asking the users to enter username and password. Then it will redirect to home page it the users are authenticated. Normally, if we would like to acccess a shared folder, it will pop up a window to prompt for username and password. I would like it to be the same. Is it possible?? Any idea?? Thanks!!

Please clarify these points.
1. why do you want Windows authentication ? Are your users on the same network ? and you want to use the existing windows logging feature with your PHP app. ?
2. You just want a pop-up Username, password window
sorry i don't try something like that.