looking for a automated testing tool for a php website



Hi, everyone. I'm new here and and don't know too much about php. I was given an assignment to find an automated testing tool for a website written with php, javacript and mysql. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be very helpful.

I've done some research and can't seem to find a tool that is specific for php.

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As far as I knowm there is no specific tool. I also believe that you do not need such.
Response times are independent of the server language. It does not matter whether the website is written in php, asp, java or any other. The "client" perception will be the same.
If you want to test the load on a server and to measure response times, there are many different tools. I give you some: grinder (freeware), webstress (for windows only), webload, qaload, loadrunner...
All of these measure response times. Some of them are commercial and expensive.
If you need to split that response time in different parts (db time, server time, network time and such) there are other tools (all of them commercial as far as I know) such as Precise or Topaz (however I do not know if they are capable of integration with mysql).

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Those are good suggestions. I was also wanting to test my website's functionnality and to check for any errors. Such errors; as a broken link on a page, an image that doesn't show and also browser compatibility.
testing tolls.. do you mean debuggers?

in that case i recommend Zend Studio Server and Zend Studio Client as they have awsome debuggers..

They will help testing a website for security fauls and they also have code analizers that show possible problems..
For browser compatibility have a look at these pages:


Some of the tools i mentioned do also perform functionality checks. I do not know an specific tool however.

for browser compatibility simply use Firefox and install Checky or HTML validator... it will do all the job for you... just press view page source and it will shouw you errors in yout HTML...

but for PHP script testing -- you will need to profile and debug..