looking for funtion name



I've searched php.net for 'RECORDSET' (as I know it in asp) to no avail so I guess that it comes under another term.

I have set $result = mysql_query(select * blah..) to search all and return rows as called by $searchterm.

What I am wanting to do is to be able to search the result of the above query to search for a range of items between two further variables.

Could someone help me by telling me what the terms are so that I could research them on php site such as php.net or even here.

As i know you may search some info from database by MySQL (select * from <tablename>)
see info about fetch_row in php.net in manual part
I decided to concentrate on the query syntax that was the problem. It turned out it was more logical than I thought god bless BETWEEN and AND.

I have done the query and it is outputing the data the way I wanted.

Thanks :lol: