Looking for pHp programmer to fill Lead Coder position.



Hey guys,

I'm sure most of you have heard or seen advertisements of CampusUnite.com somewhere on the campus that you attend. We are currently looking for a candidate to fill an intern position to become the Lead or Joint Designer of our team. Depending on the experience you have, you could either qualify for our joint designer's program or take command as the lead designer of our work force. These are temp to perm positions, and to learn more about these positions you may contact me via email or my aim handle -- "trogusman." This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for young designers out there. 3 positions are available. Good luck to all.

Job Description:
If you notice, we are in the process of updating our web-page and have migrated from our previous location http://www.campustry.com/ which has been taken down as part of our migration efforts. We need people that are fluent in pHp to read and digest our current scripts to make what I believe are simple modifications and alterations. If you feel you have what it takes, contact me and I will assess your skills.


Darnell Ong

Campusunite, Inc. 2002

forget about this man. I have told him "i am free now - i can do this". he contact with me - i have say - send me a files ... silence...

after that he post project at scriptlance.com and - zero reaction. choosen programmer at scriptlance didnt applay the work...

i dont know whathe plant to do, but he just wait my time .... =(