Make a graph-image generated by GD-JPgraph interactive



This is going to be very complicated. You're going to have to make the image an imagemap (see any HTML reference for this), but in order to create the imagemap you're going to need to know the exact pixel coordinates in the image of the points you want to click on, and I have a feeling that using JPGraph, you have no way to do that.
This doesn't work at all, teknofrank, if the image is generated dynamically by PHP.
I think jpgraph has "clickable " graphs...

But if you are sure enough... and willing to pay some money...

ruturajv said:
I think jpgraph has "clickable " graphs...

Oh. Heh, thanks for correcting me, ruturajv. The 'features' list for JPGraph does say it generates imagemaps. So naveen, I gave bad advice. Refer to the JPGraph documentation.