MD5 Function Info



floydus said:
I know what Md5 does, but Can I retrieve it once its hashed ?
I want to be able to display it
Is there a function to retrieve a str encoded with MD5...

Je sais ce que MD5 fait, mais j'aimerais pouvoir afficher le string
décoder, est-ce possible ?

Thanks Merci:arrow:
Sorry, but MD5 function in PHP only for coding, not for decoding :( .
You may use next, - check for authorization, if succes than code by MD5 password....
actualy .. im not to sure.. but from what i remember i think you can reverse the code.. from md5 as it is reversiable to get the md5 crypt password.. i think you can use decrypt() function to reverse it.. just look it up on and see what you get.. anyways that will be my next project :D