me again, with an odd question this time...

is this php command/tag list a possible/good idea?

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hi, im back... again... sorry lol.

over the past few months ive been asking code related questions, but this time its more of a reference question... i wasnt sure which forum to stick this in so please move me if im in the wrong one :)

okies back to the question. basically ive been writing a html editor (htmliate) with php support (future builds will add asp/jsp/xml/etc...). some of you may remember it from my recent html thread. anyway, one of my ideas was to add a tag panel to just add any html tag with the click of a mouse button, this became buggy and problematic, so i redesigned the panel a short while ago. its now a combo (dropdown list) full of html tag names, with a few options etc.. to allow changes to the tag, and then the click of a button to add it to the page (before you all complain about this idea, its actually primarily a text based editor, just a few optional popup panels to make things simpler for those who know how to use the commands but dont like all the typing :) ), anyway, with this new panel design, its now possible to add the same support for pretty much any web based language by giving the user an option of what to populate the combo with. so im now here hoping somebody knows of a decent php tag/command listing.

i realise php is more of a command language than a tags language but im hoping theres still a lot i can populate the list with. so if anyone knows of either a php tags listing or a php commands listing etc.. (or a combination of the two), please post here. you may even end up in the credits :)

an example of the type of listing im looking for is this...

...thats the one im using for the html tags. the tag name (comment, escape sequences, etc...) is the listing in the combo, once selected, sample code is generated using the actual tag. plus further clickable options etc... the generated code can then be editted before adding to the current curser location. this list has proven to be perfect for this method as im not exactly a html pro, but im not asking for anything as perfect. for now, just the command name and basic example (like the ones on that page before you click on them) will do. i can find reference for each command/tag after ive populated the combo.

anyway, i know ive probably written too much info, and most of it may not be needed, but i thought if i explain how the basics of the idea work, youll all have a better understanding of the type of list im looking for.


p.s: hmm, thought it might also be an idea to add a poll and see if any of you (more experienced php coders) think it would be possible to add this list like it is with html, or if im just digging a big hole...

thanks again.
Well, here's a list of all of the documented PHP functions:

It's important to note, though, that the above includes only the names of functions, and doesn't include language constructs like foreach, while, include, print, echo, etc. that can look like functions but are actually just constructs or statements. I'm not sure where you'd find a list that includes these. The appendices might be helpful.
Is this a webbased editor. If NOT. I would reccomend an autocomplete feature if you are typing within the <?php then ask to autocomplete PHP.
thanks, and YIKES! lol, that list is perfect but i didnt realise they were so many of them! just did a quick paste into notepad and theres over 3000 of em... i think ive answered my own poll lol.

maybe a list of over 3000 commands would be a little silly lol. ive bookmarked it though and will try and think of some other way to add more php command support.

nope, its not a web based applet (though thats not a bad idea, certainly unique), its actually banner supported freeware, theres an old pic of it here...

...the interface is pretty much the same now but theres been a lot of cleanups/debugs since that pic.

an auto complete is something i hadnt thought of, im not sure if i have the skills to add such ai to a program like this but i can sure try :) thanks for that suggestion.

hmm, with htmliate being banner supported, im just wondering if i could add a php-forum banner to the cycle? completely free, the only limit is banners cannot be animated and must be 468x60 pixels. if you dont have a banner of that size, im happy to stick...

...on a white canvas of that size and use that or something, its up to you as moderators anyway (i assume being moderators, your 'in charge' of the whole site).

anyway just a thought :)
thanks frog, after seing the size of swilee's list i decided not to bother though lol, would take months to implement.
ok for the first time in about 5 months, theres a public beta available...

...its not really usable as yet due to the amount of bugs slowing the syntax highlighting down BUT these will be fixed.

theres an update feature on the tools menu so no need to keep downloading new builds. though once the updaters finished recieving, youll then have to install the new file manually as i havnt added auto uncompression yet, it needs to uncompress the zip before it can run the installer.

anyway, this beta is more of a 'look what will soon be on the market' beta, but if you spot any bugs, or have suggestions, just post here or ue the bug submission on the community page of

redcircle: i WILL be adding your auto complete suggestion as soon as ive got the whole syntax highlighting running normally again. youll recieve some credit for that.

anyway, just thought some of you might be interested in it, no need to download :).

oh btw, please dont submit any bugs about the syntax highlighting, theres already too many of em hehe.
make sure you put an option to turn it off. Maybe hit like a key to bring it up. rather than automatically popup. There are sometimes I like to use it and other times it annoys me.
okies, ill probably add a whole new tab to the options dialog, allowing people to choose what languages to popup on (php, html, asp, etc...).

actually ive been a little busy with a few other projects and college this week but i havnt stopped working on it :)

thanks for the input anyway, hope im not being too much of a pain posting about it here lol.