Microsoft Web Platform Installer



Guest suggests we use this but provides no instructions. Why is that? I guess I will do a manual install as usual.
Well now I get this mesage: The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler.

I did add the handler already and restarted the web site. Time to do more web searches for this problem.
I had put the path in Handler Mappings as .php instead of *.php -- everything works now
I cannot find MSSQL in the php.ini file. Looks like it may be quicker just to switch over to MySQL then. I guess that's what THE MAN wants me to do.
Now I can't get phpmyadmin to work. Says mysqli extension is missing but it isn't. All kinds of helpful tips for those using Apache. I am using IIS which comes with WIndows. Not using Apache . They just don't get it that some people are not using Apache. MySQL came with an ellaborate supposed replacement for phymyadmin but there wasn't even a create database feature on it. What a mess that thing is.
If the ability to use SQL Server with PHP had not been removed I wouldn';t be in this phpmyadmin mess to begin with. Any reason for this decision?