MIME needs class?



i wanna build a sys for my company site that you can manage mailing list, but! i wanna add html coding and i know that mail(); func is not suporting this.

i heard a little bit about $some = new MIME(); but i was told that i need to build a class or something to make it works..

can someone help me?
mail() functions DOES support this if you give it a proper Content type header and mime ncoding header... you will also have to fix up your html so it would be 100% W3C complient..

so if you say that you know that mail doesnt support this: you dont know mail() :D no offence thou
hehe.. take a look at http://www.php.net reference of mail function ()
well... its good... anyways: mail() DOES send HTML emails when give proper headers.. once again: http://www.php.net manual for mail()