More header problems!



Hey there,

OK, I've used a short code so here it is...

header("Content-type: text/plain");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=DBBackup_{$todaysdate}.sql");

Now the problem is that this script runs inside a frameset (lets call it main frame), and once the file is downloaded, I cant use the menu frame to load pages into the main frame.

Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks in advance and sorry the problem is so vague.
If you put the code in the frame(the right frame) and not the main page which includes the frameset tag then I think your application should work the way you mentioned...
Sorry for my poor explanation; the codeis indeed in a separate PHP page which is inside a frame.
OK, well I sorted out the problem (sort of).

Just added a link on the page it was getting stuck on to reload the page holding the frameset again. It works. Not very user friendly, but its there I suppose. :S

Still open for suggestions if you have any ideas! lol.