Multiple versions of PHP in parallèle with Wamp 2.0



Good morning

I'm working for a company that has a Wamp 2.0 server with some websites in php 5 and angular mixed.
Rebuilding this websites is not possible, and now i have to add Wordpress to the mix.

I have searched everywhere and it appears that it is not possible with wamp itself.

I am following this tutorial to review all configurations in manual in the hope of being able to reproduce it with wamp.

Can anyone please point in the right direction ?

How can i add php 7 to a server runing wamp 2.0 with a few websites in php 5.

Thank You

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I know in the past I setup a second server when I was fooling around in Node. You could probably do that with an older version of PHP and the newer version if it is impossible to run on Wamp 2.0? Maybe you can even find an older version of Wamp to use? That's the only way I can figure out on how to do it unless there is some sort of emulation that will allow you to fall back to older versions?
To add PHP 7 to WampServer 2.0 with existing PHP 5 websites:

  1. Install PHP 7 on your system.
  2. Configure PHP 7 and Apache by updating the httpd.conf file with the appropriate PHP 7 module and handler settings.
  3. Restart the Apache server.
  4. Test PHP 7 configuration by creating a PHP file and accessing it in your browser.
Remember to back up your files before making any changes and thoroughly test your websites afterward. Consider upgrading WampServer or migrating to a modern hosting provider in the long term.