MySQL Abilities

Alright, I'm going to search for "blob" tutorials and see what I can find on google, but if anyone has any favorites I'd appreciate it.

however i wouldnt bother holding images in MySQL, can you imagine why?, rather I would rename the uploaded file to perhaps the PK of the row!?
bonkers said:
Does MySQL have the ability to hold images in it?
but i'm not reccomend do this cause if more images you storing in DB reindexing or other process with DB too hard for DB
IMHO i use just string there placed string at directory where placed images.....
structure in DB:
images_id init autoincrement,
images_descrition varchar(250),
images_date datetime,
images_img_small varchar(200),
images_img_big varchar(200),

in images_img_small varchar(200) and
images_img_big varchar(200)
you hold path to images.....
it's difficult?