Mysql and .swf files....



Hey everyone...

Does anyone have any experience storing.swf files in a Mysql database? (or any database for that matter...)

I can store the files as LONGBLOBs, they store fine, the problem is calling them back out again - because they're referenced in the HTML OBJECT tag TWICE- once to place the file, and once to insert the data, I can't get HTML to accept the retrieved BLOBs.

a) does this make sense to anybody?
b) can anyone offer a solution to this problem?

All input warmly welcomed! :)

Thanks all,

This is the latest attempt... I've dropped the <OBJECT> tag, but even with just the <EMBED> tag, this just dumps binary data onto the screen. This is the only php in the html page that is supposed to show the flash...(and I know the flash is stored in the database...)

$doesit="SELECT Flash_aaah FROM Tutorial WHERE Tutorial_Id='Tut1'";
$result = mysql_query($doesit);
$tut= @mysql_result($result,0,"Flash_aaah");

print"<embed src=\"$tut" quality=\"high\" pluginspage=\"\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"776\" height=\"368\"></embed>";

Hope this offers some idea of what I'm up to....

Thanks... Sleeping_Sloth