Mysql, images and BLOB



I am sure that everyone one will tell me to google this, but I have looked and all the examples I have found seem too complicated. Also, before anyone tells me that this is a very inefficient way of storing images, I am doing a database project for school, so I have no alternative.

So basically, what I want to do, is have a form on a webpage that lets a user select an image, then this image needs to be stored in the database.

If it makes it easier, the images could all be the same size (length and width) and the same file type.

Could someone at least give me a bit of a lead to work on?
I have mostly seen that the web pages using images and storing them in db just store their paths in the table and then change it from their
If I am not wrong all the images in this forum have their paths in the database.... and images stored on the relative directory...
sigix is correct, and there's a good reason why this is the case -- it's much less efficient to store images in a database. Just store the path and retrieve that.
Like I said, I know that you can store the file name... however, I thought that the database could be used to store the images.

As this is a database project for school, I am not interested in efficiency, but in actually storing and retrieving the data from the database. Can anyone tell me how?
storing data in mysql in blob form ..does it has any good point s..? :?: